Terms and Conditions

Scope of Services:

According to the specified project scope, WW Home Improvements  offers home remodeling and renovation services.
A formal contract or agreement between WW Home Improvements  and the client will specify the extent of services.

Quotations and Estimates:

Based on the information available at the time of assessment, WW Home Improvements  has supplied all quotes and estimations.
The original quotation may need to be adjusted in the event that the customer requests extra work or modifications to the project scope.

Payment Terms:

The contract will include the conditions of payment, which may include a payment schedule determined by project milestones.
According to the terms of the contract, late payments may result in extra costs.

Project Timeline:

The timetable for the project will be specified in the contract, and WW Home Improvements  will try its best to stay on track with it.
Unexpected events, such bad weather or unanticipated structural problems, might cause delays; these will be quickly reported to the customer.

Change Orders:

Any requests by the customer to modify the project scope must be made in writing and may incur additional expenses and cause delays in completion.
Change orders will be recorded, and written consent from both sides is required.

Materials and Selections:

It is the client's responsibility to make timely judgments on fixtures, materials, and other project-related issues.
Decision-making delays can affect the project's schedule, but WW Home Improvements  is not responsible for them.

Permits and Approvals:

Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing,  WW Home Improvements  will secure the required permits and permissions for the project.
Accurate information and documentation needed to acquire permissions must be provided by the customer.


For the work finished in accordance with the terms of the contract, WW Home Improvements  offers a warranty.
You must make written claims for any warranties, and WW Home Improvements  will evaluate and respond to them as soon as possible.